Serverless Stack is an open source guide to building and deploying full-stack production ready serverless applications using Serverless and React. It’s completely free and the content is hosted on GitHub.

Serverless Stack was launched in March 2017 with a simple goal of creating the most comprehensive resource for building full-stack serverless applications. It is the way we have built our applications and we wanted to share our learnings with the world. Over the past year we have seen our readers use the stack to build their projects and to power their businesses. Most folks don’t just complete the tutorial, they use it to build something significant. It has had an impact far greater than we could have imagined. This has also shown in terms of the traffic to the site.

Serverless Stack Traffic Graph screenshot

Today Serverless Stack is read by thousands of people every single day and tens of thousands every month. We have a few thousand people on our mailing list. And these numbers continue to rise.

By making this guide open source we hope to keep it up to date and accurate with the help of our readers. We also rely on our community to help people resolve their issues and help extend the tutorial to serve other use cases. You can join our community in our forums -

Serverless Stack is written and maintained mainly by Frank Wang (@fanjiewang) & Jay V (@jayair) from Anomaly Innovations. We have been developing on the AWS Platform for nearly a decade. We have built web apps, iPhone and Android apps, in a variety of different environments and languages.

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